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The Boys and Girls High School Museum

NY1 did a story on our school's museum (located in the back room of the library)!    Next time you are in the library, stop by and pay our museum a visit!

The slide show below gives a good idea of the work that went into creating the BGHS Museum.

The back room on Day 1.  Photo taken by O. Nesi - the librarian in charge of establishing the museum.

Special thanks to all the librarians who stepped up to help O. Nesi (the BGHS librarian) with separating debris from material worth keeping.  (You know who you are!)

New books for the library (right) and old, broken fixture (left).

Boxes of water damaged books.

One whole aisle of disintegrating microfiche.

After clearing debris, the custodians gradually remove the bookcases.

The room is cleared!

Artist Kenny Altidor and his assistants working on the Boys High Mural.

Special thanks to Shane Andrews for all the technical support he provided for the document camera that was used to paint the murals.

The Girls High mural in progress.

The custodians carpet and paint the room.

The glass cases are delivered.

The custodians assemble and position the glass cases.

The librarian (O. Nesi) sets up the glass cases with yearbooks going back to 1892.

An exhibit of Boys High Recorders:  1930-1954.

A small selection of trophies.

Special thanks to Mr. Hudson for running the electrical wiring to illuminate the trophy case.

A special exhibit dedicated to NYFD Captain Vernon Richard (Boys High class of 1965) who lost his life on 9/11.

Special thanks to the family of Captain Richard for donating the memorabilia for our exhibit.

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NYC Reads 365

On 11/02/15, Chancellor Fariña announced the launch of NYC Reads 365, a new multi-year citywide literacy effort to promote a City that reads every day, in and outside of our schools.  NYC Reads 365 challenges New Yorkers to read every single day. Read for pleasure, read to find out, read to argue, read to persuade, read to laugh, read to cry, read to understand, read to forget!


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The Vocabulary of Appeal

Appeal Terms

Appeal terms are adjectives that can effectively convey readers’ reactions to the elements of a book (Saricks 2005, 65).  Using appeal terms to describe the story elements of pace, characterization, storyline, frame/tone and style enables readers to better describe their reading preferences.

The Vocabulary of Appeal

Story Element

 Appeal Terms


 breakneck, compelling, deliberate, densely written, easy, engrossing, fast         paced, leisurely paced, measured, relaxed, stately, unhurried


detailed, distant, dramatic, eccentric, evocative, faithful, familiar, intriguing secondary characters, introspective, lifelike, multiple points of view, quirky, realistic, recognizable, series (characters), vivid, well developed, well drawn

Story Line

action oriented, character centered, complex, domestic, episodic, explicit violence, family centered, folksy, gentle inspirational, issue oriented, layered, literary references, multiple plotlines, mystical, mythic, open ended, plot centered, plot twists, racy resolved ending, rich and famous, thought provoking, tragic


bittersweet, bleak, contemporary, dark, detailed setting, edgy, evocative, exotic, foreboding, gritty, hard edged, heartwarming, historical details, humorous, lush, magical, melodramatic, menacing, mystical, nightmare, nostalgic, philosophical, political, psychological, romantic, rural, sensual, stark, suspenseful, timeless, upbeat, urban


austere, candid, classic, colorful, complex, concise, conversational, direct, dramatic, elaborate, elegant, extravagant, flamboyant, frank, graceful, homespun, jargon, metaphorical, natural, ornate, poetic, polished, prosaic, restrained, seemly, showy, simple, sophisticated, stark, thoughtful, unaffected, unembellished, unpretentious, unusual

Source:  Joyce G. Saricks, Readers’ Advisory Service in the Public Library, 3rd ed. (Chicago:  ALA Editions, 200), 66.

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