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Boys and Girls High School Library: AP Computer Science Principles - Wardally

The Assignment

Performance Task:  Create - Applications from Ideas

You will be provided a minimum of 12 hours of class time to complete and submit the following:

  1. A video of your program running
  2. Individual written responses about your program and development process
  3. Program code

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Your program must demonstrate:

  • use of several effectively integrated mathematical and logical conepts, from the language you are using;
  • implementation of an alogrithm that integrates two or more algorithms and integrates mathematical and/or logical concepts; and
  • development and use of abstractions to manage the complexity of your program (e.g. procedures, abstractions provided by the programming language, APIs).

Program Code

Program Code

Capture and paste your entire program code into this section carefully following the directions below:

  • Mark with an oval the segment of program code that implements the algorithm you created for your program that integrates other algorithms and integrates mathematical and/or logical concepts.
  • Mark with a rectangle the segment of program code that represents an abstraction you developed.
  • Include comments or acknowledgments for program code that has been written by someone else


Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

  1. Submit one video in .mp4, .wmv, .avi, or .mov format that demonstrates the running of at least one significant feature of your program.  Your video must not exceed 1 minute in length and must not exceed 30MB in size.
  2. Written Responses - submit one PDF file in which you respond directly to each prompt.   Clearly label your responses 2a-2d in order.  Your response to all prompts combined must not exceed 750 words, exclusive of the Program Code.  (Use the documents provided in the boxes below to work on your responses as you move through the process of creating your program.)

Program Purpose and Development

Program Purpose and Development

Use the Word document provided below to prepare your responses to prompts 2a-2d.  Be sure to keep track of the word count for each of the parts (as follows below):

2a.  Must not exceed 150 words

2b.  Must not exceed 200 words

2c.  Must not exceed 200 words

2d.  Must not exceed 200 words

2017 Sample Responses & Scoring Guidelines

Use the link below to review sample responses and the scoring guide from 2017